About Us


SSW MECHANICAL is a trade mark of TEHNOLES, Bulgaria. SSW MECHANICAL was registered in 2013, but our story dates back from the remote 1993, when we started producing band saw blade in Gabrovo, Bulgaria.The knowledge and experience we gained in the field of the cutting tools, helped us to develop machines for servicing and maintenance of band saw blade. We know how our machines operate because we ourselves work on them. Each of them has its own story. Not only our engineers and designers, but also the machine operators participate in the whole implementation process – from the initial idea to the putting into operation.

SSW MECHNICAL became a dynamically developing trade mark. The experience and self-confidence we amass in the course of years reassure us of our future …


More than ten years the machines we produce operate at exceptionally difficult working conditions. We have produced and sold more than 2800 machines so far. Our customers became friends of us and this fact is the best certificate of quality they awarded us with.


For manufacturing of our machines we stake on steel and electronic modules of the highest quality. We adopted new technologies of leading companies. And we built up a team that turned into our most powerful technology.  


We gain our customers’ trust thanks to our professionalism, competence and commitment  and not with marketing tricks. Our twenty-year market presence is a proof that we can and we do it  ....


    The Idea

    If our customers lay weight on productivity and effectiveness, we have to be beside them. We know what is expected from us and we are in firm belief that we are able to offer it.

    Partners and customers

    We develop our products, being aware of our responsibility toward customers and partners. In the course of time our customers and partners became friends of us. They are the source from which we draw our energy, inspiration and a will to work.

    The Team

    Professionalism, ambition, motivation, commitment – this is what we offer to our employees. Emotion, positive energy and personal responsibility is the response we get from them. The team we work with, is our most valuable capital.

    Development and Future

    For twenty years we have gained profound knowledge and experience. We have adopted new technologies of leading companies – manufacturers of band saw blade. We have used steel of the best quality for our band saw blade. This is the reason for our self-reliance and certitude for our future ....

    Family Business

    TEHNOLES Ltd. has been a family enterprise for twenty years. Our strong family relations and unity are the values that inspire us. If you are orderly and responsible for your family, it is easy to be responsible for your business, too ….. For these twenty years our customers convinced themselves of the fact.